The Amazon Bracelet

The Amazon Bracelet

The Amazon Bracelet

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We're on a mission to help restore koala habitats destroyed in the recent Australian bushfires. Deforestation has been a major problem, especially in 2020, it is estimated that thousands of Koalas have died.

WARNING: Some images may be disturbing to readers. Images include animals in desperate situations.


✓ These animals are alone... Vulnerable animals, such as Koalas have lost their families - their mothers, their fathers, their siblings. They are now left to fend for themselves in a ravaged wasteland, where they will most likely not survive.

✓ What can one tree do? Good question! One single tree provides foodshelter, and water to hundreds of animals. Many of which are critically endangered. Planting one tree can restore their habitat and protect these precious animals from extinction.

✓ Funds the planting of 1 TREE in a country that needs it. We plant in many countries around the globe, for example, Australia. This massively helps in the global reforestation effort.

✓ Raises Awareness. We need as many eyes as possible on this issue. If we don't combat deforestation now, it will seriously affect our future.

✓ What do I get? You will receive a Beaded Tree of Life Pearl Edition Bracelet, and a digital certificate confirming the planting of your tree. We will also keep you updated with photos and information provided by our reforestation partners from time to time.

Our Tree of Life Necklace is leading the fight to restore the region's devastated koala habitats and population by planting one tree with every necklace sold. 🌲

    You can change this.

    By purchasing a bracelet or Necklace from us, we will plant one tree on your behalf 🌲 We plant our trees in countries that need it most, like Australia or Canada.

    How do I know when my tree is planted?

    Once your purchase is complete, you will be sent an email from us expressing our full gratitude. Following this, you will be sent an electronic "Adopted a Tree" certificate! We also share news on the status of your trees provided by our reforestation partners.

    One of our main focuses, Australia, is blessed with the most beautiful and diverse forests. The forests cover over two-thirds of the Country. We plant native tree species in areas that have been affected the most. Help us regrow these habitats.

    Don't miss out. We need your support today.